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More Than Ever, Engage & Evaluate Agents


With many agents working from home, monitoring and elevating agent interactions is essential. It’s time to brush up on the principles of what makes for a great quality management program, dig into best practices around evaluation forms and learn how to score more calls without adding more staff.

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Live Events
  • Supercharge Your Evaluation Forms

    Has it been ages since you took a look at the forms you’re using to evaluate calls? Do the questions, written long ago, no longer align with company goals? Join Contact Center Analytics Consultant Doug Zimmerman has he walks you...

    • The Beginner's Guide to QM

      Are you new to quality management and unsure where to begin? Contact Center Analytics Consultant Mark Fagus will walk you through best practices for modern quality management, including how to create innovative forms, how to select calls to evaluate while...

      • Four Principles of Great Quality Management

        Quality management can become a mundane, repetitive process that is often delivered under duress. But with many agents working from home, a robust quality program is more important than ever. Join this session as Director of Calabrio International Presales Ed...

        • Scoring More Calls With the Team You Already Have

          Quality managers are continually faced with the problem of how to select the right amount of the right calls to score. Do the calls selected actually indicate how an agent is performing? What is the ideal number of calls to...

          • Watch Me Build: A QM/Evaluation Report in Data Explorer

            Have you ever wished you could see question-level evaluation scores, including comments and which answer was selected, by agent and evaluation, all in one place? Having this data conveniently organized will help you efficiently prepare for and navigate your agent...