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On-Demand Sessions


These on-demand sessions will be available during the conference until November 13. Since they are not scheduled, you will not be able to add them to your agenda. Instead, we suggest adding sessions that interest you to your favorites. Find your favorites under your C3 attendee settings.

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Live Events
  • Get the Customer Data You Need – Not the Data You Want

    The evolving world of work presents new challenges for contact centers. This year’s virtual-only C3 is a microcosm of this change, and it requires a shift in expectations from team leads, supervisors, and managers. Today’s customers lead omnichannel lives, and...

    • How Generation Z Employees Will Save the World

      Generation Z already makes up nearly 25% of the workforce in 2020. And while they are the first generation of mobile natives, Gen Z grew up in a recession, and are now new members of the workforce as the world...

      • Back to the 90s with Shrinkage

        Remember the 90s? It was a time of Super Mario Kart, The Matrix, and Crystal Pepsi. It was also a time when agents could head to the coffee machine for the 50th time, with no one the wiser. Today, your...

        • WFH Transition Requires Creative Scheduling Options at Patagonia

          The move home has required many contact centers to get creative. This was certainly true for the Customer Experience team at outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia. Their agents were interested in piloting new shift options, but management needed structure and predictability....

          • Four Principles of Great Quality Management

            Quality management can become a mundane, repetitive process that is often delivered under duress. But with many agents working from home, a robust quality program is more important than ever. Join this session as Director of Calabrio International Presales Ed...

            • Getting Started with Calabrio Data Explorer

              With Data Explorer, you can create highly customized or ad hoc reports, working with everyday business terms you understand. In this session, presented by Product Line Manager Craig Todd, you'll see the basic functionality of Data Explorer and learn how...

              • The Beginner's Guide to WFM

                Are you completely new to workforce management? Or do you have experience with WFM but are looking for a reinforcement on the fundamentals? Get back to basics with WFM consultant Jill Hensel as she provides a walkthrough of key WFM...